Around the world, fisheries are under threat. Development continues to encroach on wilderness areas. Climate change is affecting oceans and river habitats. And over-fishing has taken a toll on our finite fish species. Therefore, as fly-fishing business operators, we have a responsibility to not only protect these resources, but to help preserve them for many generations to come.

These goals manifest themselves in several ways.

From the Bahamas to Argentina and beyond, all Nervous Waters operations abide by a strict catch-and-release ethos implemented by guides and taught to clients. Whether it’s a sea-run brown or spectacular bone, all fish caught are carefully handled and quickly released in order to promote health and propagation of the population.

In Tierra del Fuego, our ongoing sea trout studies, spearheaded by professional biologists since 2011, explore how proper fish-handling practices play into the overall health of the fishery.

If you value quality fisheries like we do—and a tomorrow of extraordinary fishing on Argentina’s Río Grande, in the Bahamas, and throughout the Ibera ecosystem—please contact us to learn more about how you can contribute to the effort.

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