Week 2: Jan 6th to 12th, 2024

At Villa María Lodge in Tierra del Fuego, our second week unfolded with welcoming winds. They were strong but remained at a manageable level, never exceeding 70 km/h. The river continued to recede, and the water remained exceptionally clear. A group of five anglers embraced the challenge, and everyone reeled in trophy fish weighing a solid 16 lbs or more. Special mention goes to two seasoned fishermen, Jamie and Ian, who achieved remarkable catches of 20 and 23 lbs. Noteworthy, too, were newcomers Ken and Tor, who rose to the challenge with impressive catches of 19 lbs each.

Tackling the Rio Grande waters demanded the usual setup: 13 to 13’6 rods paired with floating Skagit bellies and slow-sinking tips, adapting to the dropping river levels. The fish, happy to come close to the surface, eagerly pursued a mix of nymphs, leggy patterns, and an assortment of streamers, from leeches to petite tubes.”

Last week’s fishing expedition surpassed expectations, marking one of our best opening weeks in years. The camaraderie among anglers and the impressive catches set a high bar for the season ahead.

As we reflect on the success, we look forward to the looming cold front from Antarctica and some showers in the forecast for next week. Despite the unpredictable weather, we’re optimistic that another memorable week awaits. Here’s to more thrilling adventures and extraordinary catches in the days ahead!


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